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April 27, 2010

The College of Communication at the Eastern Communication Association Conference

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At the recent conference of the Eastern Communication Association, held in Baltimore, Rowan faculty and students showcased their “scholarly chops” with panels, paper presentations, poster sessions, and critical responses.

Four faculty members of the college participated in a variety of activities including organization leadership, serving as a respondent for paper panels, and chairing proceedings, in addition to presenting their own scholarly work.  Dr. Maria Simone held a short course entitled “New Media Horizons in the Classroom: The Use of Participatory Media for Community Building, Collective Intelligence, and Assessment” in coordination with faculty from Fitchburg State College and Youngstown State University.  Dr. Simone also presented her work “Teaching for Deliberative Democracy: The Challenges of Confronting Student Assumptions and Ideology” in a session related to pedagogical practices.  Dr Joy Cypher  and Dr. Julie Haynes presented work during the same panel on teaching issues.  Dr. Cypher’s work was entitled  “Disability, Voice and a Place to be Heard: Challenge and Change from the Classroom,” and Dr. Haynes discussed “ ‘I May Be Reading Too Much into This…’: Confronting Student Perception of “Over-analysis” in Feminist Rhetorical Studies.”  Finally, yours truly presented a the work “Difference, Diversity, and Documentary: Teaching/Learning about Family Diversity through Film,” in another pedagogical panel.

It wasn’t just members of the faculty that made a strong showing at the conference!  Four Rowan students presented their work that was selected competitively for inclusion.  Jillian Beley, whose piece was awarded an honorable mention, regaled her audience with “The Contemporary Sexual Double Standard: Implications for Role Conflict, Sexual Risk Taking and Female Sexual Identity.”  Kevin Lessard, utilizing his education in political communication, discussed his “Case Study in Campaign Communication: Communication Directors and Media Strategy in 1980 and 1992 Presidential Campaigns.”  Kate Harman and Lisa Pontelandolfo both considered gender issues in their research pieces “For Love of the Game: Standpoint Theory in the World of Women’s Athletics,” (Kate) and  “Perceptions of Dysfunction: Rhetorical Constructions of Gender in M Night Shyamalan’s ‘The Sixth Sense’” (Lisa).  The students’ work was well received and impressive, and they made a strong showing for the quality of the Rowan College of Communication undergraduate programs.

It’s always wonderful to see how well the college represents itself in the larger field of communication, and this event was no exception.  As this year’s conference winds down, it’s time to begin preparing for the next edition – which will be held in April 2011 in Arlington, VA (Washington DC area).  The theme for that conference will be Communication and Power.  Conference submissions will be accepted in the fall semester, so watch the home page of the association ( for more information.  I look forward to more Rowan work being showcased in Boston.  Will it be yours?



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