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February 4, 2010

Recent Student Awards and Accomplishments in the College of Communication

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Students in the college continue to surprise and impress!

*~*~*~ Two Writing Arts students have recently published work that they workshopped in their creative writing courses at Rowan.  Lynn Albanese, a Writing Arts student, has had her poem “The Muse,” developed in Ron Block’s Writing Poetry class last semester, published in the journal Stray Branch. Jack Potchen, a Biological Sciences student, has had two short stories published that he worked on in a spring 2009 Creative Writing I class with Bob Evans: “The Bad Man” in Sonar 4 Ezine and “Sludge” in Absent Willow Review. You can check out Stray Branch, Sonar 4, and Absent Willow Review at their websites listed below:

Congratulations to Lynn, Jack, Ron, Bob, and the peers that helped these students with their workshopping process!

*~*~*~ Four of our Communication Studies majors have been chosen to present their works of original research at the 101st annual conference of the Eastern Communication Association.  ECA is the oldest professional communication association in the United States and competition to present at the annual conference is typically fierce. The authors and their paper titles are as follows:

Jillian Beley, “The Contemporary Sexual Double Standard: Implications for Role Conflict, Sexual Risk Taking and Female Sexual Identity.”

Kate Harman, “For Love of the Game: Standpoint Theory in the World of Women’s Athletics.”

Kevin Lessard, “Case Study in Campaign Communication: Communication Directors and Media Strategy in 1980 and 1992 Presidential Campaigns.”

Lisa Pontelandolfo, “Perceptions of Dysfunction: Rhetorical Constructions of Gender in M Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense.”

Being selected to present work at the conference is a sign of the dedication and achievement of these students, as well as a marker of the excellence of the Communication Studies program.  Congratulations, Jillian, Kate, Kevin, Lisa and the Communication Studies department!


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