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April 27, 2009

College of Communication Colloquium Report

On April 27th, the CoC hosted a faculty/staff colloquium regarding “new media.”  Organized by Associate Dean Janice Rowan, the event involved six panelists from the college: Dr. Bill Wolff, Dr. Maria Simone, Dr. Ed Moore, Dr. Chandrasekhar Vallath, Dr. Joe Bierman, and Prof. Mark Berkey-Gerard.  Dr. Carl Hausman served as the M.C. for the session.

Each panelist provided a short discussion of his/her own research and curricular interests regarding new media, and suggested some paths that the college might take into the future.  Points raised included: the definition of new media (Prof. Berkey-Gerard noted that new media is characterized by “interactivity and user empowerment”), the ubiquity of new media in U.S. culture, the necessity of new media literacy in academics and occupational settings, the interdisciplinary nature of new media as a subject area, how new media issues can be approached in our curriculum, the possibility of an interdisciplinary new media minor or concentration, and some specific research that is being conducted by faculty regarding new media.

The conversation was very interesting and the expertise of the panelists quite impressive.  We will continue our discussion about these issues online (using new media, in fact) via the college wiki that can be accessed via

I would like to personally extend my thanks to everyone involved, and all of those who attended the session. It’s a brave new media world, and the CoC is excited to be part of it!



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