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April 20, 2009

Budget Issues

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I’m sure by now you have heard or read that the university is facing major budgetary concerns for next year.  These issues are serious and they have to be addressed.  Now the question is how to best do that.  There are many possibilities under consideration, and the campus is swirling with information and rumors about the upcoming changes.  At the moment, few solid decisions have been made.  However, everyone in the College of Communication, and the university administration, is in agreement that whatever changes are made need to be implemented in such a way that we will not negatively impact student education or progress toward graduation.  In pragmatic terms, that means that we won’t randomly cut needed sections of courses and thus prevent students from getting the classes they need.  We may need to raise some course caps to reduce overall sections numbers (and still provide enough seats in the classes), but we will do so with great care so as to avoid reducing the level of education we provide.  We may need to reduce some costs, but we will make every effort to be sure that this is not done in a way that will harm our student population.

The next year is going to be a challenge for all of us.  But, I’m confident that we can meet that challenge by working together in the spirit of the Rowan mission.


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